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The birth of a baby is one of life’s miracles – as those who can’t have children know only too well. It can be a time when we want to celebrate with family and friends and thank God for the gift of new life. We want to publicly state our commitment to giving our child the love and care they need to grow and flourish. A Service of Thanksgiving or Baptism can take place within a Sunday service or at another time.

Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child can include:

  • giving thanks for your child’s birth or adoption

  • naming your child

  • blessing and anointing your child

  • celebrating your commitment to your child

  • praying for parents and those who support you 

Baptism is also known as Christening and marks a decision to enter fully into the Christian community. Baptism is one way of marking the beginning of our journey with God, a journey that continues throughout our lives.

You can be baptised at any age, although infants and young children are baptised on the understanding that their families will bring them up in the Christian Way. This includes belonging to a church community where they can learn what it means to follow Jesus’ vision for a world transformed by love, justice and wisdom.

We welcome enquiries whatever the marital status of parents – married or not, in same-sex relationships or single, God’s love knows no bounds.

If you would like more information about baptism you can follow this link to the Church of England website Click here or please contact Martin or Ruth

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